After India and Pakistan, Mongolia has the biggest population of bactrian camels (with two Chumps), comprising 260,600 head. They serve as transport for people and goods. In contrast to the dromedary (only one hump), they also produce wool. In addition, bactrian camels provide milk, meat and hides. Lactating females use their energy for the production of milk and they therefore cannot build up fat reserves during the summer: their humps hang limply from their backs. At night, they graze together with their young in the surroundings of the ger without needing to be restrained. In the morning, the young animals are herded together and tied down to prevent them from joining their mothers during the day. This ensures that t4e mothers return to them in the evening with full udders. The foal is allowed to take the first gulps of milk , the rest is milked off by the herder and processed into cheese. Milking starts when the first rains arrive, in the early summer, and the females continue to be milked until they start a new pregnancy.