Cooperation with OAT /Overseas Adventure Travel/

OAT travelers stay in our “Dream Gobi” lodge since 2012 during the Mongolia trip. Welcomed:

  • 300 pax in 2012 season
  • 500 pax in 2013 season
  • 637 pax in 2014 season
  • 388 pax in 2015 season
  • 435 pax in 2016 season
We were awarded by the certificate “Excellence in service” in the last 4 years from OAT. In order to protect nature and combating desertification, “Dream Gobi” lodge starts Green zone project in October 2014. Together with OAT Foundation “Dream Gobi” lodge develops a project called “One OAT traveler - One tree”.

"OAT" travelers will be serviced since May 2017 at the "Dream Khuvsgul" lodge in Khatgal soum of Khuvsgul province.