Mongolian music and songs

1.Morin Khuur

Horse violin is one of the many unique traditional instruments of the Mongolian people. Great legends surround the origins of this violin the strings of which are made from horse hair. The Morin Khuur is used on its own, with vocal or other instruments accompanying it. Thousands of songs have been written to be used by this famous instrument.
Throat singing is a talent learnt by only a few in Mongolia and is regarded as a great skill. The unique sounds produced through this technique are exquisite. Throat singers use a technique of circular breathing so it seems that they never draw breath in a song lasting up to 3-4 minutes.

3.Long song
This song is suitable to nomadic life and unlimited steppe. Long song is oldest form of melody. The singer who must vocalize as long as possible while modulating the vowels. This type of song, often melancholic, recalls the solitude of the nomad and the immensity of the steppe.

4.Short song
A more recent form , is quick and lively , often humorous in character. It is themes are love, the home country, horses, and women. Technically less trying than the long song, it is still very much part of everyday Mongol life.