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  • Explore Mongolian nomad life
  • Prepare Mongolian traditional dishes
  • Experience Naadam festival with local people
  • Produce dairy products
  • Make traditional cloth-deel
  • Participate in building yourt
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Available: Mid-May through Mid-October every year
Transportation: By jeep or by mini japanese bus


230 km by car from Tsetserleg city to Nyamdorj’s ger You will drive to the Nyamdorj’s family who lives with his wife and children are in the village center to continue their studies. They are over 40 years old and a well smiling and funny couple. As they live away from town, village or tourist area, they have the character of "true" nomads. They are nice to everyone. After arriving home, his wife, Tsetsegee (in English “flower”) will prepare a typical Mongolian meal. In this family, you will discover the Mongolian art of gastronomy. You will learn to prepare traditional dishes like steamed dumplings, meat soup etc. When the lady offers to participate in the meal, please, don’t hesitate! This is the moment of experiencing.

12 km by foot - Nyamdorj This morning Nyamdorj will take you to his winter camp to show you the place of the winter and to tell you the difference of life in winter and in summer time in this region. When you walk, you will admire the beautiful mountain scenery and rivers. At lunch, you'll learn how to make Mongolian dumplings. In the evening, it'll be a Mongolian song evening.

19 km by foot to Mandakhbayar In the morning, the family head will guide you to Mandakh. Picnic on the way in the wilderness. When you arrive at Mandakh ger, you can swim in the river Chuluut. It is a river created following the earthquake, several hundred years ago. You see some of that river on the photo Mandakh.

The Mongol horsemen show you how to catch the pole from ground, draw mares etc ... and Mongolian wrestling. It is a very emotional moment, because they will organize this Naadam special for YOU! Farmers are happy to meet of participating. It is a special and unique moment that you will never forget.

This morning, you will walk with Mandakh that will guide you to Bilgee. He lives in the desert with his wife and three small children. Here you'll find another nomadic life of a young couple who have decided to sustain the Mongolian livestock without moving to the city like other young people do. Walking among Bilgee you will really enjoy the scenery, the beauty of Jargalant (the forested mountains, the green color in all, small rivers, walking in the silence of the vast plain). And you'll say, "You can not not love this landscape."

Nyambuu Tulga - 21 km by foot This morning, you will walk with Bilgee that will guide you to Nyambuu. Picnic in nature. By walking, you will discover the vast steppe and the beautiful landscape of Mongolia. You will also experience the graves dated to the age of Bronze and Iron. Nyambuu, great trainer in gold processing dairy show you the art of milk and talent. (Like alcohol-based milk, cheese, dry etc ...)

Naymbuu Tulga This morning, you'll learn how to milk and combing yaks. Nyambuu, the Dairy Fair champion will show you how to make the pretty one. It will also show you how to make traditional Mongolian clothes and if you want you can try them.

Battomor - 18 km by foot This morning, you will walk with Tulga to Battomor, who was president of the Federation of yak herders for two years. Picnic in the steppe. The way home is well wooded with large mountains, this will let you see the "view" high above the countryside. With him, you will discover the culture of yak (comb yak yak cart, working with yak skin etc ...)

Lhagvadondov - 19 km This morning Battomor guide you to Dundov. Picnic in the steppe. Hiking in the mountains and cross a river. Adventure. Today you will discover the secret of the Mongolian yurt, how to mount the various elements, insulation etc ... The ancestors of the Mongolians began using yurt since the felt, there are around 3000 years. During the time of Chinggis Khaan (13th century), the yurt has become more diverse. Dundov has a museum yurt, it will tell the story of the Mongolian people of the 17th century. Precious objects from this period are well guarded since the ancestors of Dondov. At home, you'll see how a nomadic family diversifies its activities by the culture of vegetables and traditional chicken farm.

This family is installed in a place far removed from the world and beside the river. Travelers, you can rest your brain listening to the “music” of river water. In the evening, you'll sing drinking a shot around the fire in an atmosphere "of steppe people” in front of lake. It'll be one of those moments you never forget.

Ganbat - 60 km by car This morning, you go to Ganbat. Dundov accompanies you with his car in this family. Dondov also show Chuluut river falls, rock caves and other specificities of the region. After lunch at Ganbat, the family head will guide you to the extinct volcano Khorgo which is well known in Mongolia by its beauty. It exploded 9,000 years ago and is 2240 m altitude. This place has been strictly protected by the Mongolian State since 1965 years. The family deserves encouragement and support of the CAAD by participating in this activity sustainable tourism as they are some of the vulnerable families.

This morning, you walk with Ganbat to Battulga which is on the edge of Lake White Terkh. It is 61km2; 16 km long, 4 km wide. Picnic lunch at the lake. Battulga is Veterinarian. When you get home, you can discuss with him about animal health and Mongolian livestock.

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Included services

  • Guiding and interpreting service
  • All transportation as listed in the itinerary
  • Accommodation hotel and camp
  • All meals as listed in the itinerary
  • 0,5l*3 bottled water per day
  • Domestic flights
  • All entrance fees
  • Horse, camel and reindeer ride trial
  • Boat rental
  • Visa support invitation letter

Not included in the services

  • International Airfaire + Tax
  • Travel Insurance and visa fees
  • Items of a personal nature such as laundry, drinks, camera or video fees at any sites etc.
  • Excess baggage charges
  • Single room supplement
  • Tips for your guides and drivers
  • Optional activities

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